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Down on the Farm:  One American Family's Dream  is on sale at  Book Worm, Carbondale; Wolf Creek Antiques, Goreville; The Rose Hotel, Elizabethtown; and Herrin Drug Store, Herrin.

Our address:
Gerald and Sue Glasco
17354 New Dennison Road
Marion, IL 62959

You may send me an email by clicking here.

Sue Glasco
Riding the "mule" at Woodsong on Swallow Lake

Our phone number is (618) 982-2552.  Leave a message if we are not there, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Occasionally but not often,  I have my cell phone turned on.   You cannot leave a message.   However, that cell number is (618) 967-5053.

For more information on our family, home, and interests, check out my website at

For more information on Sue's new project researching the legend of Priscilla and the Trail of Tears, click here for

To read my journal, click here.