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Down on the Farm Appeals to All Ages-
Jane Henrickson read the book to her l0l-year-old mother Clara Winning, a resident of Parkway Estates.  Jane wrote about Down on the Farm: One American Family's Dream:  "...the heart-warming journey of a farm family living in Mid-America.  Their experiences as a family of six will bring smiles to the reader, knowledge of rural life in the mid 60's and appreciation for the unique ways they solved big and little problems that came their way."
     "The reader will be drawn into the family's life by the friendly style of writing.  Many articles allow for visual mind pictures."
     "One will appreciate the God-fearing, well educated, political astute, hard working family."
     "The journal format allows one to read for a short time or by chapters."
    "Down on the Farm:  One American Family's Dream fits in well with 'Baseball, apple pie, and the American flag.'"  Edit Text

Book Review of Down on the Farm: One American Family’s Dream

By Tina Grounds, Associate Professor, Early Childhood Education, Rend Lake College

A glance back at the 60’s, where a young rural woman struggled and conquered the many roles of motherhood!

  • A refreshing recollection of the important role of a young mother shaping the lives of her children while fulfilling her dreams as a woman.
  • Have you ever wondered what life was like for a young farm wife and mother in the 60’s? Sue Glasco shares her similar struggles and joys that a mother of today faces, as she balances motherhood and fulfills work outside the home.
  • This timeless chronicle is relevant for young mothers today as Sue Glasco shares her insight with struggles, joys and amusements with motherhood in the 60’s. 
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