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Writing has been a part of Sue Glasco's life since her freshman year at Anna-Jonesboro High School in Union County, Illinois.  Much of her writing has been in letters, journals, and publicity releases for organizations she was helping to promote.  In addition to her pro bono writing, she also seriously tried to write as a part-time freelancer from 1966-71.   Despite the two-cents a word that she usually received,  she was always pleased that she had an avocation that provided the family with a little extra income rather than a hobby that cost the family money. 
During her children's busy growing-up years and her parents' growing feeble years, she  put aside freelancing and concentrated on family.
Then  she continued her career as an educator.  Writing was mostly limited to writing syllabi and work materials.  (She calls her career as an educator  haphazard since she has subbed in preschool through high school classrooms, taught in secondary and college classrooms, and finally worked six-and-a-half years in family literacy for Rend Lake College.)   
Since retirement in July 1998, she spent one year slowing down and catching up with friends and family.  Then  she began to write to share family memories for future generations.  That got interrupted for one year as she and her husband  built a house and moved to a new home after 36 years at Pondside Farm.  
After settling into their retirement home, she began writing again.  In 2005, she published Down on the Farm:  One American Family's Dream, a compilation of columns she originaly wrote from 1962-1966 telling the story of the family achieving their dream to become farmers in Southern Illinois.
Since then, she has continued publishing occasional short articles, and her twice-a-week blogs are published on Woodsong Notes, Amazon Author Page, Red Room, and Facebook.  
Sue says that for her to write is as necessary as breathing, and she has always drawn comfort from Madeleine L'Engle's assurance that it was all right to be a minor writer.  In fact, Sue believes everyone's story has value.  She  has always urged students and friends to put their stories and thoughts into writing.  Two-hundred years from now, descendants will cherish an ancestor's writing more than any best seller! 


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