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Notes from readers have been a joy! 

"Sure enjoyed your book...didn't want it to end.  When is the sequel?"
"We have enjoyed reading your book, Sue."
"Sue, I enjoyed the book.  I read it three times.  I loaned it to ...."
"Sue, have enjoyed reading your book."
"We both read Sue's book and we can relate to a lot of the stories."
"Enjoying your book."
"Sue, I am really enjoying your book."
"I got your book from ----.  When I started reading it, I did not want to put it down."
"Enjoyed your book.  I let both girls read it and  sent a copy to ----."
"I had to write and let you know how much we both enjoyed your book.  ---- got to it first so I had to wait a couple of days for my turn.  He kept reading me short clips so I had to stop him before he read me the whole book. Ha. I'm loaning it to my daughter and know she'll relate to the antics of the children as she is raising two boys."
"---- gave each of her quilting group a copy of your book.  One of the 93 year old ladies had read the book completely and the other two who are 83 and 95 were only partially done.  They all were excited and  really liked the book and had talked about it so much that several other people at the nursing home were waiting to read it.  I'm sure they're expecting to borrow the book so it won't help your sales but I thought you would appreciate the positive response. It really made a hit. The ladies were asking if you had written any more and are looking forward to your next book." 
"I appreciate your book and have enjoyed reading it."
From two fellow writers:  "We read your book--cover to cover.  Liked it."
"I have so enjoyed your book.  It brought back wonderful memories.As I lived through your experiences as a young farm wife, I was
reminded of my own growing up years.  I was able to go to Illinois in
late August to help Mom usher in her 90th birthday and took my copy of
your book to her.  She too is enjoying it."

Phone Sue at (618) 982-2552 or email her at