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Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 1951-55, Bachelor of Science in Education, journalism major, speech minor.

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 1972-73, Masters of Science in Speech.

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Summer 1980, literature classes to meet state guidelines for teaching high school English.

Work Experience

Primary Vocation of Housewife/mother/grandmother. 1956-2014. Attempted to be as professional in this occupation as in any salaried vocation.

Heath Care Giver. For decades I occasionally helped out with driving,errands, or housework for a daughter with Multiple Sclerosis.  But from 2005 until the present, her health has deteriorated and I gradually gave more time to her care.  Part of this time is spent securing aides, record keeping, writing checks, preparing pill dispensers, and part is hands-on patient care.  Some days it might be only an hour or two.  Other days it might be a 12-hour shift. For a year or two I might occasionally do a 24-hour or more shift, but in 2014, I try not to work past midnight.

Part-time Writer During Retirement.  1999-2000; 2002-2014.

Rend Lake College. 1996-97. 1997-98. Evening Adult Education Teacher. Building on the Basics Class, a skill-building class for students not yet ready for GED class.

Rend Lake College. 1995-98. Family Education Coordinator in Franklin County. Worked for three years under Housing and Urban Development grant to Franklin County Housing Authority. Enrolled 14 families into Family Partnerships and conducted weekly support meetings for families with preschoolers in 95-96. By increasing to three weekly support meetings in 96-97 was able to enlist 13 GED or Basic Class parents and 11 housing parents into Family Partnerships. Continued with Family Partnership support group in both Benton and Christopher in 97-98. Special programs were opened to all housing residents. Made home visits to families to encourage the use of a home curriculum with preschool children. Also recruited housing residents and others into both adult education and college courses. Through interpersonal relationships with students and residents, provided assistance for reaching academic and vocational goals.

Rend Lake College. 1994-95. Full-time Family Literacy Coordinator in Franklin County. Helped establish an education center in Christopher for GED classes and preschool education for children of GED students. Recruited students. Tutored in adult classroom. Enrolled 14 families in Family Partnerships, a support group for GED parents of preschoolers. Held l0 group meetings--three were field trips.

McKendree College. Spring 1994. Night Instructor. Persuasion 391.

Rend Lake College. 1993-94. Half-time Franklin County Family Literacy Coordinator. Recruited and worked intensively in homes of 12 families with parent needing GED. Held l0 support meetings--four were field trips. Meetings were held at Mulkeytown School in the heart of a historical district on the Shawneetown-Kaskaskia Trail, which led by Silkwood Inn. Programming featured the history of the trail and the legend of Priscilla. Provided transportation and childcare for meetings with volunteers that had to be recruited and trained. All families had library cards by end of year. Tutored two adults with low reading levels throughout the year.

Rend Lake College. 1992-93. Half-time Franklin County Family Literacy Coordinator. Created family literacy support group in West Franklin County. Identified 32 families for home visits and mailings. Ten families came to one or more of two field trips and twice-monthly sessions held for six months. Helped SIUC Even Start staff at weekly family days in Benton. Worked two mornings weekly in GED classroom and one afternoon with new readers. Presented parent-child activity days in seven preschool classrooms.

Rend Lake College. Spring 1992. Half-time Family Literacy Trainer. Presented parent-child activity days at Pre-K, Head Start, and Even Start classrooms in Sesser, Akin, Benton, Zeigler-Royalton, which included story hours with children, motivational talks with parents, and Parent and Child Together Times. Made home visits to 119 preschool parents throughout Franklin County urging parents to continue education through literacy groups, GED, college, library use and to increase talking, reading, writing, and experiential activities with their children.

Southeastern Illinois College. Spring 1992. Night Instructor. Basic Writing Skills l00, Principles of Speaking 121.

John A. Logan College. 1986-1993; 81-82. Instructor for eight years part-time and one semester full time for on-leave professor. English l0l, 102, 112; Literature 236; Speech 115.

Marion Today Edition of Southern Illinoisan. 1985-86. Correspondent. News, feature stories, photographs.

Johnston City High School. 1984-85. Part-time Teacher. Three classes. Sophomore literature, junior composition, journalism.

Johnston City High School. 1983-84. Part-time and Full-time Teacher. (Began teaching four periods Nov. 1 and taught seven periods second semester.) Freshman and junior grammar. Freshman, sophomore, and junior literature.

Crab Orchard Unit 3, K-12; Johnston City Unit 1, K-12; Marion Unit 2, K-12, Goreville Schools, K-12, Williamson County Special Education, P-12. 1981-83. Substitute Teacher.

Glasco Farms. 1966-1982. Farm Record Keeper. (University of Illinois Farm Management Association Records.)

Crab Orchard High School. 1975. (6 weeks) Substitute Teacher. English I-IV. (All students in school.)

Marion Unit 2, K-12, Crab Orchard Unit 3, K-12; Goreville Schools K-12. 1973-76. Substitute Teacher.

Shawnee Community College. 1973. Night Instructor. English 112, 113.

Freelance Writer. 1966-1971.

Marion High School. 1964-1967. Part-time teacher/debate coach. (3/5 time) Speech I, II. Journalism I, II.

Pittsburg Grade School. 1963-64. Substitute Teacher.

Evergreen Park High School. 1955-56. Teacher/debate coach. Sophomore English with some emphasis on speech.

United Synagogue, NY, NY. Summer 1955. Secretary.

Woody Hall, SIUC, 1954-55.  Resident Fellow/newspaper advisor.

Anna State Hospital. Summer 1954. Secretary/Writer. (Features and news stories.)

Information Service, SIUC. 1954. (2 terms) Student Writer. (News stories.)

Area Services, SIUC. 1953. (1 term) Part-time Secretary.

The Egyptian. SIUC. Summer 1953. Managing Editor.

Illinois Baptist State Association. 1951-53. Part-time Secretary.

Organization Memberships

Southern Illinois Writers Guild. Program Chair, 2008; President, 2006, 2007. Program Committee, 2005. Program Chair, 1991,1992, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2008.  Constitution Revision Chair, 1992, 2006. Nominating Committee, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 2008. Helped with anthology, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007.

Trail of Tears Asociation. 2004-2010.  Illinois Chapter Board Member, 2007-2011.

Union County Writers Group, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009.

Friends of Crab Orchard Public Library --  Life Member.

Who’s Who in America, 2000-2005.

Illinois Speech Association -- Life Member.

Mulkeytown Historical Society, West Franklin Historical Society, Bedford County (TN) Historical Society, Genealogical Society of Southern Illinois, Friends of the Union County Historical and Genealogy Society, Illinois State Historical Society.

Former memberships in Illinois Adult and Continuing Education Association, National Council of Teachers of English, Speech Communication Association, Southern Illinois Reading Council and Illinois Reading Council.

Volunteer Experience

Assistant teacher in Preschool Department 2012-13.  Co-teaching Bible Class for Young Adults, 2011-12 and 2012-13.; Taught in Preschool 2, 2010-11, 2009-10, 2008-09, 2007-08; 2006-07; 2005-06. Taught couples Bible class, 2004-05; 1993-97. Taught younger couples class, 2001-2004. Taught single adult class, 1984-1992; 1967-71. Taught women’s Bible classes, 16 years.

Board Member of Williamson County Baptist Association,2009-10, 2008-09, 2007-08; 2006-07; 2005-06; 2004-05; 2003-04.

Volunteered quarterly with neighbor’s church at Marion Soup Kitchen, 1999-2001

Member of nominating committee for board members for Illinois Baptist State Association, 1997.

Assisted with visitation program for homebound adults, 1986-1991.

Worked as public relations consultant for contemporary Christian singer, 1985-87.

Represented church at one-day seminar on depression and suicide sponsored by Marion Memorial Hospital Chaplaincy Corps, 1986.

Helped organize and utilize religious census of village and surrounding rural area in 1985-86.  Planned and promoted outreach activities to welcome residents without religious affiliation to participate in church life. Planned single adult social gatherings.

Served as co-chairman of regional Glasco Family Reunion, 1981-1987. Helped organize and host Martin Family Reunion, 1990-2001.

Helped plan and execute successful campaign to establish tax-funded public library to replace Crab Orchard Reading Center, 1980-1982.

Helped PTO begin Crab Orchard Reading Center affiliated with Shawnee Library System. Worked as volunteer, 10 years. Also recruited and scheduled other volunteers.

Frequently served on committee in local church to secure teachers and officers. Served on pastor search committee, 1983. Served on personnel committee, 1983-87. Served on associational constitution committee.

Worked with children almost continuously for 47 years in many capacities: 4-H leader, PTO room mother, FHA chapter mother, Bible teacher, Girls’ Auxiliary leader, Training Union leader, choir leader, etc.,Vacation Bible School teacher, 36 years.

Organized preschool teaching during church worship services. Recruited and trained teenagers and adults to help in program. Taught infants through four-year-olds weekly in this program, l0 years.  Since then, have continued as a monthly volunteer in this program through 2013..

Served as secretary of Marion Branch of American Association of University Women, 1971-72.

Led conferences on teaching children for Illinois Baptist State Association, 1970. Trained one week at Camp Windermere in Missouri.

Undergraduate Recognitions and Activities

State University Scholarship, 1951-1955.

SIU Honors Day List, 1954, 1955.

Represented SIU in oratory and debate in biennial national Pi Kappa Delta tournaments in Redland, CA, in 1955 and Kalamazoo, MI, 1953.

Won first place in Northwest Debate Tournament, women’s division, 1955.

Entered semi-finals in Northwest Debate Tournament, women’s division, 1954.

President, Pi Kappa Delta forensic honorary, 1954-55.

Reporter, The Egyptian, 1952-1955. Managing Editor, Summer 1953.

Co-edited The Southern Journalist, 1955.

Co-edited booklet Religion in Action for SIU Interfaith Council, 1954.

Secretary-treasurer, Pi Kappa Epsilon journalism honorary, 1954-55.

State Baptist Student Union Reporter, 1954-55.

Outstanding Baptist Student Union Woman Award, 1955.

President, Johnson Hall women’s dormitory, 1953-54.

President, SIU Women’s House Council, 1953-54.

Pi Lambda, local education honorary, 1953-54.