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You are invited to join us on this website for a visit down on the farm.  I'll introduce you to our lives and my writing.  You can contact me at 618.982.2552 or

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Sue Glasco
At Woodsong where Sue compiled the book for her children

You can buy Down on the Farm:  One American Family's Dream  locally from Country Cupboard in Anna, the Rose Hotel at Elizabethtown, Herrin Drug Store in Herrin, or in Carbondale at Book Worm. Or just drop by the farm, and I will autograph one for you. 

To order the book Down on the Farm: One American Family's Dream, go to by clicking here, and then search for Sue Glasco.

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See our granddaughter Erin Glasco's catch that merited being one of the "Top Ten Plays" on ESPN.

Listen to our granddaughter Leslie Eiler's prose reading at the Illinois state speech contest. She won third in this category.

Hear Leslie give her original Special Occasion Speech at state. She won second.

Notes from readers have been a joy! 

"Sure enjoyed your book...didn't want it to end.  When is the sequel?"
"We have enjoyed reading your book, Sue."
"Sue, I enjoyed the book.  I read it three times.  I loaned it to ...."
"Sue, have enjoyed reading your book."
"We both read Sue's book and we can relate to a lot of the stories."
"Enjoying your book."
"Sue, I am really enjoying your book."
"I got your book from ---.  When I started reading it, I did not want to put it down."
"Enjoyed your book.  I let both girls read it and  sent a copy to ----."
"I had to write and let you know how much we both enjoyed your book.  ---- got to it first so I had to wait a couple of days for my turn.  He kept reading me short clips so I had to stop him before he read me the whole book. Ha. I'm loaning it to my daughter and know she'll relate to the antics of the children as she is raising two boys."
"---- gave each of her quilting group a copy of your book.  One of the 93 year old ladies had read the book completely and the other two who are 83 and 95 were only partially done.  They all were excited and  really liked the book and had talked about it so much that several other people at the nursing home were waiting to read it.  I'm sure they're expecting to borrow the book so it won't help your sales but I thought you would appreciate the positive response. It really made a hit. The ladies were asking if you had written any more and are looking forward to your next book." 
"I appreciate your book and have enjoyed reading it."
From two fellow writers:  "We read your book--cover to cover.  Liked it."
"I have so enjoyed your book.  It brought back wonderful memories.  As I lived through your experiences as a young farm wife, I was reminded of my own growing up years.  I was able to go to Illinois in late August to help Mom usher in her 90th birthday and took my copy of your book to her.  She too is enjoying it."










From Union to Greene to Williamson County, Illinois

We first farmed in the Mississippi Bottoms in Union County.  Down on the Farm is a compilation of columns started in Greene County, where Gerald was a farm manager at Columbiana Seed Company at Eldred on the Illinois River.  Soon we bought a farm in Williamson County and have lived here ever since.

The book tells the family's joys and struggles in the first farm house making it livable after it had stood empty except for the mice.  Next came the move to Pondside Farm, where the family was to live for the next 36 years.



Our daughter Katherine and her husband David live in nearby Marion. Their son Samuel attends the Marion public schools. Our youngest daughter Mary Ellen Taylor and her husband Brian, who works for Monsanto, farm our farm. They are also now at home on their farm here in Williamson County.Their two children are in college.

Our middle daughter Jeannie and her husband Rick both teach in the Freeport Schools. Two of their children are Freeport Pretzel graduates and their youngest is now a freshman at Freeport High.

More about Freeport, IL, which is 12 miles south of Wisconsin border.

Our son Gerry Glasco is recruiting coordinator and associate softball coach at the University of Georgia. He and Vickie have three daughters and three grandsons. Tara is an assistant softball coach at UGA and is married Bryan Archibald. Erin graduated from Texas A&M and is teaching and coaching at a middle school in Texas, and Geri Ann is studying special education and playing softball at UGA.

See some of granddaughter Erin's hairstyles. This website was done for a class last yer. She's a senior now!

You are invited....
Do You Have An Ancestor Who Traveled the Trail of Tears?
Anyone with a story to tell about ancestors who dropped off the Trail of Tears is encouraged to share the story with the state Trail of Tears Association.  The Illinois Chapter has an ongoing oral history project trying to capture and preserve these fascinating accounts.  Let us know if you have a story and we will be certain you know the next time we have a program to collect more stories.  
Note:    There are two new brochures on the Trail of Tears through Southern Illinois.  The newest one features the three main counties that the TOT traveled through:  Pope, Johnson, and Union.
A great brochure with GPS and mileage information is available if you are interested in hiking, biking, or driving the original trail in Pope County.  Find brochures at I-57 rest stops and other tourism spots or phone Joe Crabb for a brochure. 
The purpose of the Illinois TOTA is to discover and share information about the 1838-39 Trail of Tears through Southern Illinois  and to encourage the development and preservation of the Trail.  The public is always invited to the meetings.
You are also invited:

 YOU ARE INVITED TO JOIN THE SOUTHERN ILLINOIS WRITERS GUILD page on Facebook, which is an open group and connects and promotes local writers. 

Unfortunately, Southern Illinois Writers Guild is not meeting at present, but we do again have a sponsor and hope meetings are called again. There will be an announcement on the SIWG Facebook page when this happens.

SIWG did meet on the  third Thursday of each month but December.   Meetings started at 7 pm and were  in Room 148 just inside the main entrance of John A. Logan College. This may or may not be the case when meetings are resumed.   Public always welcome at meetings. 

To go to my other web site specifically about Priscilla and the Trail of Tears, click here.

Pondside Kids Down on the Farm

Gerry at the bat, Jeannie,  Mary Ellen, Kathy


Down on the Farm:  One American Family's Dream 

is now available!  

If you like living close to nature, I think you will enjoy this book.

If you have preschool and/or school children, I think you will enjoy it.

If you grew up in the 1960s, I think you will enjoy it.

If you reared your family in the 1960s, I think you will enjoy it.

If you lived through the 1960s, I think you will enjoy it.

If you like to giggle, I think you will enjoy it.