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We know very little about Susan Price Glasco's family and nothing about William Glasco's family.   Yet their descendants probably number in the l000s today.  Just as we don't know their forebears,  we certainly do not know all their descendants either.  One of the wonders of genealogy is realizing that one unique couple has had life because of centuries of other people before them and that couple may have given life to untold descendants.

William and Susan Glasco came from Tennesee

We do not know where in Tennesee that William and Susan (Price) Glasco came from.  We do know that their first four children--Lovey, Lemuel, William Price, and Susanna were born there and moved with their parents to White County, Illinois, before the 1820 census.
After moving to Illinois, Enos T.A. Glasco was born and then John Emmitt Glasco in 1825.
We do not know Susan (Price) Glasco's death date nor burial place.  By 1840, William Price and next wife, Elizabeth "Betsey" Bickerstaff and some of their children had moved to Union County, Illinois, where William died around 1865 we think.  We lack information of their  burial place also.
If you should have information on the Glasco family, please email us.

Claude Ernest Glasco and Ada Esta (Godwin) Glasco  first lived in a house (no longer there) where the State Forrest Preserve now is.  Then they moved to their farm home sandwiched between Clear Creek (with the State Forest Preserve on the other side) and the flat fields of the  Mississippi Bottoms.  The steep hills and wooden terrain on the other side of Clear Creek provided Ernest great hunting opportunities just as it had for his father-in-law, Nathaniel "Nate" Godwin, before him.

The following obituary of Claude Ernest Glasco was written at the time of his death by his granddaughter Mary Ellen Glasco of Nashville, Tennesee. (Now Mary Ellen Taylor of Lake Saint Louis, Missouri.)

Claude Ernest Glasco was born May 8, 1902, to Benjamin Calhoun and Ida Ann (Laws) Glasco.  On September 26, 1926, he and Ada Esta Godwin were married in Jonesboro.  They were married almost 50 years before Ada's death on June 14, 1976.  Ernest and Ada bore six children and reared five of them on their farm near Wolf Lake, Illinois.  First-born son Donald Clay died in infancy.

Ernest is survived by sons Gerald and Kenneth of Marion, Garry of Wolf Lake, and Keith of  Cobden; daughter Ernestine Gamble of Rock Springs, Wyoming; 14 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren.  He was preceeded in death by his wife; four brothers, Rob, Ord, Lowell, and Jessie; two sisters, Cora Ellen and Lela; two grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

As a young man, Ernest accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior, and throughout his life, taught his children and grandchildren the importance of God's forgiving love.  He was a member of Ware Baptist Church.

Ernest took seriously God's admonition to provide for "...the fatherless, the widow and the stranger."  Elderly neighbors, widows, strangers, family and friends benefited from his bountiful garden each year.  Those who knew him also know that he enjoyed a sense of humor and valued laughter.  He has left his family with many humorous memories to cherish.

In the final week of his life, Dad Glasco was confined to bed and could not speak, but he was able to communicate.  He squeezed the hands of children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and friends.  And we all felt loved.

One man wrote, "The vital and contributing roots that nourish all that is good and worthwhile in this world are exemplified in the family unit...You who come from a large family have much for which to thank God.  Family association and the eternal ties that make it what it is has an endless influence."

Ernest taught his children to love and support one another, and he left us a wonderful gift -- a man of whom we can be proud.


More on Our Glasco Family

If you want to know more about the Glascos in Illinois, check out the April-June 2003 issue of The Saga of Southern Illinois, which has the story of "The Oldest Grandfather:  William Glasco (?1755-1865?)" on pages 33-37. The family lived in White, Hamilton, and Union Counties in Illinois.
The story continues with more on William's second son, William Price
Glasco, in the July-September 2004 issue of The Saga of Southern Illinois with the article "William Price Glasco: February 18, 1816-December 20, 1894" on pages 47-56.  There is a family picture taken around 1890 on page 53.

This is the barn that Dad Glasco built.
On the Ernest and Ada Glasco home farm in Union County, IL, now owned by Garry and Ginger Glasco.

Inside Daddy's barn.