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Priscilla on The Trail of Tears

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For information on all National Historic Trails, try this link.

See Illinois Chapter of Trail of Tears Association

Visit National Trail of Tears Association site.

Across the Mississippi, you will find the Missouri Trail of Tears Park. Click here.

To see what is happening at the Cherokee Heritage Center in Tahlequah, OK, click here.

Patricia Camp's Lesson Plans for Grade 8 and 11-12 United States History--University of North Carolina.

Bill and Lynette Dinehart and sons Caleb and Patrick wash feet of Cherokee in remembrance of 170th anniversary of the Trail of Tears.

Not only was Priscilla a victim of slavery, but the Cherokee Nation was a victim of the sin of slavery. Their people knew terrible division and destruction as some Cherokee fought for the Confederacy and some fought for the Union. For one of the best sites for Civil War resources, click here.

All History Guide: Your Guide to History on the Internet

Cynthia Brian, Media Coach, Writer, Author, Speaker, TV/Radio Personality -

Cynthia and Heather Brittany--StellaDonne--mother and daughter--they are Italian, not Cherokee, so we are more diverse than we expected! A gardener and a cook. And more. Try this site.

Related Links

There are numerous websites devoted to the Trail of Tears.  Some are accurate. Some are not.   As time goes by, I will try to list some of my favorite web sites about the Cherokee and the Trail of Tears.

Excellent timeline with background leading up to and through the Trail of Tears.

Read story from the 1999 Visitors Guide of the Southernmost Illlinois Tourism Bureau

Good quick review of TOT at Washington County, MO, Waymark. Click here.

Cadron, near Conway, AR, was major stop on TOT on the road from Little Rock to Fort Smith and Fort Gibson in Oklahoma.

To see Jon Musgrave's excellent story about the Trail of Tears through Southern Illinois, click here to get to his website.

To see a story about Priscilla hollyhocks and a photograph, click here.

Trail of Tears National Historic Trail (National Park Service)

PBS Online:Judgment Day--Indian Removal 1814-1858

Check out this website from Cape Girardeau, MO. John Allen's much quoted story of Priscilla is here. Be sure and read "Grandpa Was an Indian Chief" about Rev. Jesse Bushyhead's son.

The Trail of Tears - Cherokee Indians forcibly removed from North Georgia

Egyptian Area Agency on Aging tells Southern Illinois story about Trail of Tears.

Interested in driving the Trail of Tears--as closely as you can that is....

For places to stay and/or eat while traveling the Trail of Tears in Southern Illinois, check Southernmost Illinois Tourism Bureau