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Priscilla on The Trail of Tears

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Cerified Sites in Illinois

First Two Certified Sites in Illinois.   
The Illinois Chapter works with the National Park Service to certify specific sites of the 1838-39 Trail, which roughly follows Route 146 across the three counties of Pope, Johnson, and Union.   The extreme southern treks of these 11,000 people crossing our state dipped into Alexander County.
Two officially designated sites on the Trail of Tears include Camp Ground Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery and the Joe and Ethel Crabb-Abbott farm in eastern Johnson County.  
At the cemetery, Cherokee camped at the traditional camping ground there before the church was established.  At the Crabb-Abbott Farm, Cherokee were able to ford the creek there on their journey west.  The farm is private land, and you may call Joe Crabb to gain permission to see the Trail.
Directions to Crabb-Abbott Farm  on Hound Ridge Road:  To get here from the Vienna area, or if coming on I 24, drive approximately 12.5 miles East on IL 146 to Hound Ridge Road.  Turn right on Hound Ridge and drive 1.5 miles to the farm on the left.  If coming from the other direction on IL 145, turn at the intersection at Dixon Springs to IL 146 and drive 1.5 miles West to Hound Ridge Road and turn left on Hound Ridge Road.
To visit the Camp Ground Church and Cemetery, if you are coming down I-57, turn right onto Route 146.  Just around the corner , is the well-marked lane on the north side of the road leading to the church and cemetery.
If you come from Anna on Route 146, turn left onto the lane before reaching Interstate 57 exit.
If you come from Golconda, Vienna, etc. on Route 146, pass the exits to I-57 and turn right onto the lane leading to the Camp Ground Church and Cemetery.